Entries open: Friday 10 January 2020

Entries close: Midnight, Sunday 2 Febuary 2020

Shortlist: First week of March 2020

Awards event: Tuesday 17 March 2020

The Awards
The aim of the BBC Radio & Music Awards is to recognise and celebrate the outstanding achievements of production teams and on-air talent across the BBC and independent production companies commissioned to deliver programmes for the BBC.

There are 18 awards in total:

  1. Best Technical Production
  2. Best Music Production
  3. Best Documentary
  4. Best Drama Production
  5. Best Storytelling Podcast
  6. Best Community Podcast
  7. Best Journalism
  8. Best Comedy Production
  9. Best Outside Broadcast
  10. Best Sports Production
  11. Interview of the Year
  12. Best Initiative for Reaching New Audiences
  13. Best Collaboration
  14. Moment of the Year
  15. Team of the Year (content-making)
  16. Team of the Year (non-content making)
  17. Unsung Hero
  18. The Gold Award

Categories 1-13 will be judged by a panel made up of colleagues from BBC Radio and Music teams and independent production companies. Categories 15-18 will be judged by the BBC Radio & Music Management Committee. Moment of the Year will be shortlisted by the judging panel and the winner will be determined via a vote by colleagues in BBC Radio and Music and independent production companies.

Wherever possible please include data on audience engagement.


This award recognises technical skill and fresh innovation that has made us rethink the way we connect with our audiences across all platforms. It might be our work in the digital arena to drive change, reach younger audiences, and/or to keep our live output strong. It may be a stand-alone programme, series, podcast, digital invention, audio/visual experience, campaign or an add-on to an existing programme or service.


This award recognises creativity and originality in the production of a music programme or podcast. This can be any music genre – specialist or entertainment. Judges are looking for depth and breadth of subject knowledge as well as new and innovative ways the production team has engaged its target audience.


This award recognises an outstanding single documentary or documentary series on any platform – including podcasts. Judges are looking for deep subject knowledge, originality, creativity and powerful storytelling that have a lasting impact on our audience.


This award recognises originality, innovation and creativity from a single programme, series or podcast. Judges will consider the quality of the content, how well the drama reflects our diverse audiences, creativity, subject choice, production values and storytelling through performance and direction.


This award celebrates factual storytelling - such as current affairs - or fictional storytelling – such as readings or drama - within our podcast offering. Judges will be looking for an engaging narrative in a distinctive voice, an excellence in journalism and/or creativity, and deep insight into the story or subject that grips the audience and helped grow our audience on BBC Sounds.


This award celebrates podcasts that engage their audience in a positive, community-focused way. Judges will be looking for compelling and powerful programming that has made an impact, or heightened public awareness and understanding of an issue.


This award recognises outstanding journalism on any platform – including podcasts. Entries might include coverage of a breaking news story, or key events, an extended bulletin, original journalism piece or a deeper investigation into a story. Standalone news programmes and news sequences within programmes are also eligible. Judges will be looking for robust entries, told with authority and creativity.


Entrants are invited to enter comedy drama, funny inserts from a linear programme, live stand-up, sitcoms, podcasts or panel games that have made our audiences laugh over the last year. Judges especially want to hear content that has pushed comedy boundaries, introduced new talent or achieved strong traction with BBC audiences, particularly younger audiences.


Creating and managing live events for broadcast is a particular skill. This award recognises the talent, creativity and expertise that go into creating and delivering live broadcasts from outside the comfort of the studio environment. Entries can be a single or multiple audio programme/s or events across individual or multiple platforms.


Like music, sport unites and divides the nation. This award recognises the skill of the production team and on-air talent to deliver a defining sporting moment, commentary, series, programme or event. Content can be on any BBC Radio or Music platform - including podcasts.


This award recognises the adept skill of an interviewer (and their team) to gain the trust of their interviewee and get to the heart of a story quickly. The judges especially want to see/hear content which has made a big impact on our audiences and/or is deemed to be a significant moment in radio and music broadcasting.


This award recognises innovation and excellence in developing our relationship with new or hard to reach audiences. The initiative may have been a stand-alone programme, a series, event or partnership. It may include phone-ins, websites, blogs, direct marketing, social media, games, music mixes, competitions or outreach work. The entry should demonstrate how the initiative has reached, engaged with and retained new audiences.


This award recognises individuals and teams who have established a partnership – inside or outside the BBC – that has helped the organisation to work smarter and faster, create and deliver exceptional content or an event for BBC audiences, or made a difference in the communities in which we work.

14. MOMENT OF THE YEAR – Judged by public vote

This award recognises an exceptional piece of broadcasting that made a real impact over the past year. This could be a memorable event, podcast moment, news item, interview or performance. It may have been pre-recorded or broadcast live on or across any BBC Radio and Music platform. Entrants will be shortlisted, and then voted for by colleagues across BBC Radio & Music and independent production companies to determine the winner.

15. TEAM OF THE YEAR (CONTENT-MAKING) – Judged by BBC Radio & Music Management Committee

This award is for a production team that has demonstrated ingenuity, creativity and/or collaboration to deliver exceptional results, on-air or off-air. It could be for a single team or a team that is made up of a number of people from different areas of BBC Radio and Music or independent production companies.

16. TEAM OF THE YEAR (NON CONTENT-MAKING) – Judged by BBC Radio & Music Management Committee

This award is for any non-production team in the BBC Radio and Music division or independent production company where supporting the BBC’s delivery of content has been a significant part of its purpose. This team may support production but not produce content itself. It can be awarded to a single team or a team made up of colleagues from a variety of departments within BBC Radio and Music or independent production companies.

17. UNSUNG HERO – Judged by BBC Radio & Music Management Committee

This award recognises someone that has made an outstanding contribution over the last 12 months, but perhaps doesn’t always get the credit they deserve. You may wish to consider the following criteria when nominating a colleague:

• Adds value and has a positive impact on our day-to-day activities

• Has a can-do attitude

• Strives to improve themselves and encourages others to do so too (i.e. a mentor)

• Carries out tasks with energy and enthusiasm

• Has a positive attitude

• Goes above and beyond their role for the benefit of their team and other colleagues

• Takes individual responsibility for creating a great place to work and making a difference at the BBC or their independent production company 

18. GOLD AWARD – Judged by BBC Radio & Music Management Committee

This special award is presented to someone that has worked for or with the BBC for some considerable time and has helped the organisation deliver outstanding radio and/or music content. They will have built and nurtured strong relationships, earned the respect of their peers, and consistently demonstrate positivity and passion.


The awards are open to everyone working in and for the BBC Radio & Music division – including independent production companies creating content for BBC audio platforms. For content-specific awards, you will be asked to upload an MP3 audio or MP4 video file after submitting your entry form. This should be a clip from your chosen programme and should be no longer than 20-30 minutes, or a compilation of clips/highlights that does not exceed 20-30 minutes. If you are providing a highlights compilation, your clips must be clearly separated. Your upload should be no more than 500Mb.Entries are welcome where content has been broadcast on BBC network radio, BBC Sounds or any associated digital platforms including: Radio 1, 1Xtra, Asian Network, Radio 2, Radio 3, Radio 4 and 4 Extra (including BBC Ideas), 5 Live/Sports Extra, 6 Music, the BBC Performing Groups (orchestras and choirs) and any platform where content has been created for BBC Music – including TV and digital channels. Entries will also be accepted for content created by BBC Radio & Music production teams for broadcast by the World Service.

You can enter any piece of content that was first broadcast on or between 1 January 2019 and 2 February 2020.

Entries close at midnight on Sunday 2 February. Please complete all sections of the form. Entries that are incomplete or exceed the stated word limit will not be accepted.

Please read the criteria carefully and only submit your entry into the most appropriate category or categories. Wherever possible please include data on audience engagement.You may only enter the same content into a maximum of two categories. You may enter each category as many times as you like, as long as each entry is different. Please note that we cannot accept a piece of content that has been submitted in previous years.

In the interests of fairness and transparency, we operate a blind-judging policy. This means that all information, stings and credits relating to entries and nominees must be removed from audio and/or video clips before they are uploaded to the awards portal and reviewed by our judges. This includes names of production members, writers and companies or departments. Any entries with credits still applied will be returned and not accepted.

You will receive an email confirming that your entry has been received together with a PDF summary of your entry. If you enter for more than one award, or more than one piece of content per category, it will be shown in a PDF summary.

There is no charge to enter these awards.

This year’s judges include a mix of industry experts from the BBC, independent production companies and AudioUK.

Judges will only vote in categories with which they have no personal affiliation or vested interest.

In the interests of fairness and transparency, we operate a blind-judging policy. This means that all information, stings and credits relating to entries and nominees must be removed from audio and/or video clips before they are uploaded to the awards portal and reviewed by our judges. This includes names of production members, writers and companies or departments. Any entries with credits still applied will be returned and not accepted.

The Moment of the Year award is judged by a public vote. Anyone eligible to enter the BBC Radio & Music Awards 2020 will be invited to vote on the shortlisted finalists in early March.

Awards Event
The BBC Radio & Music Awards event will take place on Tuesday 17 March 2020 at the BBC Radio Theatre, Broadcasting House, London W1A 1AA. There will be a drinks reception from 18:00. The event will begin at 19:00.

Official invitations will be sent nearer to the date with preference given to persons and teams shortlisted for an award.

There is no dress code for the event.

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